ROSS M1 Advantage


Portable sterilization of surgical instruments in remote, low resource settings using sterilant generated on-site and decomposed into non-toxic compounds.

The Rugged Ozone Sterilization System

ROSS M1 Advantage

The ROSS M1 utilizes a sterilant that is catalytically decomposed into to oxygen and water vapor at the end of the sterilization cycle.

There are many advantages associated with the ROSS M1 process as it does not produce toxic by-products or require high temperatures to inactivate contaminant microorganisms.

  • No toxic chemical handling
  • No toxic sterilization by-products
  • No requirement for clean water source
  • Stand-alone device, no infrastructure required
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dust- and water-proof enclosure
  • Fast process time of approximately 35 minutes
  • Demonstrated safety: biocompatibility
  • Demonstrated efficacy: inactivates most-resistant organism




Current field sterilizer used by the Special Operations Forces is too cumbersome and unreliable with a large logistics footprint requiring potable water and a power source.

The Rugged Ozone Sterilization System M1

Rugged Ozone Sterilization System M1 (ROSS M1)

  • New equipment of the Special Operations Forces
  • Automated cycle, automated process parameters, confirms operational bounds
  • Process feedback, measurements stored in internal memory (1 second interval)
  • Ozone from ambient air
  • Battery and/or 12VDC powered
    Operates at 60W maximum
  • Designed for durability and portability with carrying handle and impact resistant briefcase shape
  • 18L sterilization capacity
  • Sterilant (peroxone) catalytically decomposed to water vapor and oxygen
  • Low-temperature sterilization
  • Built-in safety and efficacy controls

All American Model 25X

Steam Sterilizer

  • Current equipment of the Special Operations Forces
  • User timed, user dependent parameters, user compliance with operational bounds
  • Limited process feedback, no record retention
  • Requires 4L of potable water per cycle
  • Requires 120VAC power
    Operates at 1050W
  • Not designed for portability, fragile gauges and valves on exterior, external case required for transport
  • 13.5L sterilization capacity
  • Steam manually vented to external environment upon completion (burn risk)
  • Heat-sensitive material limitations
  • User controlled safety and efficacy


Meeting the Critical Needs of Portable Hospitals

Man-portability, power efficiency, and minimal logistic footprint make the Rugged Ozone Sterilization System M1 (ROSS M1) a perfect candidate for field usage.

  • Rugged, Durable
  • Lightweight, Portable
  • Battery-Powered
  • Use in Remote Locations
  • Emergency, Dental, Veterinary
  • Disaster Relief
  • Low-Temperature Sterilization
  • No Potable Water Required
  • Fully Automated Cycle
  • Short Process Time
  • Safety Features and Process Feedback
  • No Toxic Residues
  • No Outgassing Period
  • On-Demand Sterilant Production
  • Successfully Field-Tested by the Military
The Rugged Ozone Sterilization System M1

ROSS M1, a Portable, On-Demand Sterilization Solution For

Forward Operation Bases, Remote Locations, Field Hospitals, Pre-Hospital Care, Disaster Relief

ROSS's highly portability, rugged design, and quick process times
allow medical teams to treat the injured in Forward Operating Bases and in remote areas worldwide.



SteriO3 is the manufacturer of the Rugged Ozone Sterilization System M1 (ROSS M1).

ROSS M1 increases the availability of sterile surgical instruments due to its highly portable, rugged design, and quick process times.

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